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Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale

A fantasy where choices will change the course of history, and peril chokes the land. · By AoDLegacy

Content Plans Sticky

A topic by AoDLegacy created Jul 17, 2018 Views: 47 Replies: 1
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So after my devlog, I thought I would go into what some of the plans for the public demo will be. The first major thing is, polish and refinement of existing content. Some of this includes:

  • Boss Difficulty adjustments
  • Monster Difficulty adjustments
  • Battler Graphic Overhauls
  • Battleback Graphic Overhauls
  • Storyline Tweaks for various arcs

You'll see these changes over time as we slowly build on the vision of what we want out of the game. We'll continue support for these changes as development of the main game goes on, so expect a number of face lifting updates as the months go by. In particular though, we have a number of major things to watch for later down the line:

  • OST Development and Overhaul - As we're developing the game, we'll be implementing the OST as we go. We're starting from Chapter 1 and working towards Chapter 2 and up. As of this post, Hanaru Village's theme is in the works. We've a very small amount of tracks custom made so far, but that number will increase over the course of development. We'll be considering releasing the OST for Chapter 1-2 as a perk for supporting the project in the future.
  • Pixel Art Changes - This will take the longest to overhaul, for the expense involved. We're looking for Pixel Artists who can do Sprites and Tilesets. We'll be adding these graphics into the project as we are able. We're currently thinking of something like Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap in terms of graphical style.

And as for story content and side content, we'll be providing support for this for a number of months into development, so don't think that you won't get new content while you're waiting for the full game. Here's a list of what's to come.

  • Phea and Illia storylines - You'll see the unlocking of the Ancient Jungle/Oy'zara, Chopper's Bay, Ancient Coast, Frozen Tribelands, and the Ancient Desert, and meet many different unique cultures, such as the Sha'yune of Oy'zara, the pirate coalition of Chopper's Bay, the orc clans of the Desert, and the tribes that live in perpetual winter of the eastern glaciers.
  • Gardis and Mervin storylines - You'll see a greater amount of story and character growth as you gain access to the Ruins of Majoria, a once might, proud magical kingdom, the homeland of Gardis and Mervin. They'll also gain some power ups from this storyline as well. But beware - dragons are afoot!
  • Player and Companion storylines - some major backstory will be provided and much needed depth lent to the player and companion's history, even their place of origin will be accessible.
  • Side Dungeons, World Secrets, and Time Based Events - Much much later, but expect to slowly see more random events take place, lots of more in depth lore secrets hidden deep in select locations, and some neat side dungeons for extra challenge. What are these time based events? Everything from the Golden Moon challenges, to special cultural events that give the world of Oxorin more life and diversity. Sadly this fluff is going to be reserved for later once the main game is farther along.

On the whole, we've got a lot for you to come for the public demo, it will take time, but I think you'll enjoy what we've got cooking.

We're most likely to start work on the Ancient Coast and explore Gardis, Mervin, the Player, and Companion's stories first, they will take the least amount of time to implement and shouldn't take from our main game progression too much. Have something you want to see implemented? Please let us know!

Just a general update: I'm still around, but doing mostly behind the scenes stuff at the moment, graphics and music upgrades are the current focus. I'm sorry for keeping you all out of the loop. Not sure when the next content update will be released at this stage.