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A topic by kartezjusz2009 created Jul 17, 2018 Views: 7,651 Replies: 23
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I was playing the game for a while and I enjoyed it very much! As I can see it is Civilisation copy and it is not too bad.

Unfortunatelly I got some bugs:

1. If you pick "smallest" map generation, the game will stuck because the map has 0 length in one dimension. Workaround here is: never pick smallest world.
2. Negotiations with AI are not clear. I got information that I have to pay and the AI has to pay at the same time. I don't understand why.
3. There is lack of data about buildings: if it is a one-time monument or casual building.
4. About buildings: I had only a few info what building will do. I am not sure if it is because translation to my language is not completed or there was no info about that.
5. And translations: I was very surprised (in a good way) that the game was translating to my native language and it detected it from the OS, but not every part is translated. Is it possible to contribute with that?

As I said before, the game is very good and I hope that there will be a progress with developing it!


Hi. Thanks for your feedback.

1. Normally, smallest map should work, its size should be 32 x 24. I'll check it.

2. I'll check this bug too

3. and 4. If you want to see more information about a building, there is a blue question button. Is it what you are looking for ?

5. I already fixed some missing translations, but I can send you the file used in the game. Contact me at Thanks again

Best Regards


Thank you for your replay.

3 & 4: yes, blue button helped much. But hmm... probably the UI can be a bit better here. Maybe adding small icons of what is changed next to bill icon?
For example, now in one of my cities I can build Arsenal. It takes 8 rounds and it will cost (as I understand) 0 money per round when finished. From blue question mark I know that it will change (add) defence by 8 and life by 25 (of city?). Probably I need to go through the tutorial one more time, to be sure :). Anyway, is it possible to add two icons next to the bill icon about what will change? Will it take much coding time?

5. I will send an e-mail to you. Hope to have some time for that :).

I had to reopen the game and I have missed some things. But I will send that through the e-mail.


Patch v1.11 has been deployed.

Release Note:

- Can raze a city
- Can see buildings already constructed in a city and can destroy them
- Caravan and CargoShip can move
- "End Of Turn" button just cycles only once, all units without action and cities without construction
- Added technologies required to make armies in help page
- Game crashes when a city with traderoutes is taken or destroyed
- Game crashes because of bad translations
- AI Diplomacy
- Duplicate players in the list
- Players have duplicate abilities

I added a confirmation window when you quit the map editor.

Best Regards



Patch v1.13

  • Fixed: "End of Turn" button that switches to a deleted unit
  • Fixed: Bugs introduced in v1.11
  • Fixed: Unit Promotion notification for workers
  • Updated: Now floating cities cannot be razed

Best Regards



Patch v1.15

  • NEW:
    • Auto Save : Choose which turn
    • Start Era
    • Resources rarity 
  •  FIXED:
    • AI Diplomacy : Ally request
    • Game crashes because of the Caravans, when taking a city or destroying a city and when loading a party 

 Next Release: 

  • Moon Exploration

Best Regards



Patch v1.16

  • NEW:
    • Can see your units and enemy units on MiniMap
  • FIXED:
    • 3D object was missing for small Industrial City 


  • NEW:
    • Moon Exploration: 2 buildings, Resources Extractor and Rocket Launcher. They need energy, so you must first construct an Energe Module
  • FIXED:
    • Game crashes
    • Lan Party: Now listen on all network cards

Best Regards


How can I join an online LAN play? Would be useful a video about how to start online plays. Thanks in advance



You just need to be registered.

Then, create a new party, select the party mode "Online".

To join a party, click at the main menu "Continue/Join", then "Online".



- "EndOfTurn" button did not refresh sometimes
- Hubble Telescope did not remove the Fog of War
- Trade Menu in City
- Uniqueness of World Wonders
- AI Tactics
- Game crashed when attacking a catapult
- Moon Buildings constructed in an old party transfered in a new party
- All new City's Name as "New City"

- Added ProgressBar in EndOfTurn Button (to see AI Progression)
- Added 2 more musics

- Unity3d Engine (can fix crashes on some devices)




  • Bugs introduced in v1.19 (game crashed because of world wonders)
  • AirTransport action (troops could "airtransport" from anyplace)
  • All Buildings special features, like Great Lighthouse
  • Fixed Movement Bonus (it was +1, but should be +10)

There is a bug/issue with the aircraft units: you can't move em. Please check it out 

If u play the game for long times like me the Turns can get quite long.  If you can shorten the time it takes to get through 1 turn that would be great.  The Ability to trade Cities like in WOE 1 would be also great. 

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There are no military units to build???  No Scout, no warrior, no nothing.  What am I missing to build these?

When I was able to build the Trireme.  No Trireme.  Fishing Boat, Cargo Ship OK.  Trireme No.   None of the military units are available to build.

I saw a war all the time option.  I don't recall a peace all the time option.

This is on a Windows 10 Laptop.

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I love rich turn based grand strategy games;  I love this game. However, there are bugs here and there which I'm happy that Bruno is fixing one by one. I recently got the December 29 Android update. Here are some of my observations/recommendations:

1. Yes the blue question mark buttons helps, but the white one when you click on  a unit seems to do nothing.

2. There should be a way of knowing what skills a unit has. I suggest using the aforementioned 'white question mark' button for such info. 

3. Workers should be able to gain skills with experience. 

4. Resources worked on don't hold their advertised yield values. E.g. oil wells show +7 production, but on loading save it reduces to like +3 to +5. Sucks.



Hello, i wanna give one feedback about a bug. I see so many times that "X country declares war on you", but then nothing happens. There is no war, nothing.

AI cannot declare war on player.

It is a most interesting article. I like your posts and i like a post you are most information. 

show box

how do i get a settler across water

you will need to reserch sailing and compass to move along the coast.. you then need navagation for open ocean travel


How can I join an online LAN play? mcdvoice

Hello, i wanna give one remarks about a computer virus. I see so in many instances that "X u . S . Proclaims struggle on you", but then not anything takes place. There isn't any warfare, not anything.