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Dimension issues

A topic by TheFlyingKing77 created Jul 16, 2018 Views: 88 Replies: 2
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I downloaded Time Split Tracker and made a split file that works great, I have access to all of the neat features, but when I tried to change the fonts, the window didn't resized properly and I ended up with a window the same size but all the text was cut to fit in the previous spaces.

Even after relaunching TST, the problem is still there and it is quit annoying because the default fonts are quite small... Here are some screenshots :

As you might guess, the first screenshot is with the small fonts and the second one is with the bigger fonts

There are settings to adjust the height and width that are set separately.  In the ini or preference file, there should be a section for window settings.  It should be the lines under the line that is


There are bunch of settings, but these are relevant to what you need:
HeaderColumnWidth sets the width of the split name column.
DataColumnWidth sets the width of the remainder of the rows.  
HeaderColsHeight  sets the height of the column header line.
RowHeight sets the height of the rows for the splits.

I think these settings are enabled in the Mac version.  I am the programmer for the Windows/WINE version, so I am going on how it should work.

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Indeed there are the settings you talked about but they don't seem to be working since I messed a bit with them and it had no effect on the appearance of the frame.

But I actually don't need to change the size of the font anymore since I've noticed that small font makes the windows fit better in the screen.

Thanks a lot for the quick answer

PS : I don't know how to mark the topic closed so if you could help me again it would be nice ^^'