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[2d Art] Offering my services!

A topic by KoDatBoy created Jul 16, 2018 Views: 226 Replies: 6
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I am a 2d artist and I am new to this site. I can't take on too  much work since I got a part time job, commissions and a project. But I really wanna help out on games n stuff! I'll try to contribute to you  the best I can! 

ps. I dont do pixel art. so sorry ;-;

Here's my portfolio:


Hey, would you be insterested in doing the enemy designs and art work for my crew's first little project. Like i said its our first so its easy and should be quick, Got alot of stuff in just dont have an artist.    If interested  Then Contact me .    

Project :   Cell Divided

A 2d Top Down Wave Survival  about a small micro organism attempting to survive in a chaotic microscopic world.

For Designs i mainly just want circles with smiley faces.  Contact me if you wish to talk some more.  Ah Just to be clear, its unpaid, for information if that is a concern to you like i said hit me up.

Nice style. If you want to try your hand at space stuff, check our project out:

Hey! Your project looks really cool! Do you have any specifics on what you'd want me to illustrate or do?

Sure.  Join us on Discord ( and let's discuss the specifics.

Hey, we run a hobby project. An early version of the game (bugs and all) can be found here:

The game has you play as a young child in an oasis within a large dessert. As you explore you will come across a brutal event and be forced to make a decision. It is a short 20 minutes worth of game play where we are aiming for high calibre work to show of something we can be proud of.

Your position would be to help design and create the 2D art such as the UI menus etc. I will help you learn Unity UI if you do not already know it.

I am a developer of 10 years who teaches Unity at college and has experience in the games and commercial sector as a programmer. Most of the programming for the game is done, now we are just pulling it all together with some beautiful art!

This sounds very promising and fun! I would love to be part of your project!

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