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First Step Reached: A big town is coming in few weeks Sticky

A topic by demonixis created Jun 02, 2016 Views: 259
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Hi guys!

First I want to thanks people who support the development of the game. Today I'm pleased to announce that I'm able to add more content. Starting the version 0.4.x, the game will have more environments. The first big change will be the add of a big city, with a Saloon, a Bank, a Train... The game will become a true VR Rail Shooter!

preview of the new assets

HTC Vive : VR All The Way!

I posted a <a href="<iframe width=" 560"="" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="">video</a> of me playing on the HTC vive, a lot of you on reddit and youtube have liked the game. Some of you have made requests and I have listened you. You can now change the gun angle and other settings with the new in-game menu (version 0.3+).

What next?

Now I want to add more characters to the game and I need your help for that, the next two stretch goals are $60.