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A topic by Toast_Hatter created Jul 14, 2018 Views: 532 Replies: 1
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Developer (1 edit)

Have an idea for a Nightmare? Post it HERE, and if I like it, it may end up being a nightmare within the game, and you'll have your name featured in the credits!

EDIT: If your nightmare gets chosen to be in the game, it may not be added until the bonus Custom Nightmare mode is added later down the line, as that will allow for the player to select from 12+ nightmares to appear in a custom run. Similar to a custom night in fnaf.


- Post it's name, (typically named after what it is, i.e The Mask, The TV or The Dead)

- Post what it will do (I.e, will stop moving if the player looks at it, but will moves quickly if the player is looking at it.)

- Post your name, (can be username or nickname, so that I can use it in the credits if I feel yours is good enough!)


"The Maw"

A Set of glowing teeth that randomly spawns around the map and shifts position every once in a while. If you see it glowing on the wall, don't try to walk past it or it'll devour you and it'll either spit you out at a random spot in the map, a secret area, or end the run (whatever you feel like would be best for the game design). You cannot sprint by it, but you can wait it out. The flashlight has no effect on it. 

The point of this Nightmare would be to block players who have a specific path memorized to win the game. Sort of throwing a random road block in the way causing people to either stop and wait, risking death via another Nightmare, or finding an alternate path. I hope you like this idea! I'm sure I can brainstorm many more! I love making random monsters with random mechanics!