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Levantera: Tale of The Winds

An 8-bit side-scrolling maritime adventure! Metroidvania meets Sid Meier's Pirates! · By Lasso Games

News and Announcements Sticky

A topic by Lasso Games created Jun 01, 2016 Views: 491 Replies: 2
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Howdy! Thrilled to see us featured on the front page of today!

I decided to start this thread as a source for news and announcements, which are usually posted regularly on our social media outlets and the Levantera subreddit.

To start, here's a video of some of what we've accomplished in the last 6 months since being selected for the Taco Bell Indie Game Garage.

Levantera: Six Months of Progress



Just downloaded the demo today, and it is rad but I've gotten a bigass bug. Do ya'll have a reporting thread somewhere or something?

Developer (1 edit)

No but I'm about to open one up! :D

Aaaaand here it is!