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Adorable CHIBI!

A topic by GixterTrixter created Jul 13, 2018 Views: 153 Replies: 1
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Please Finish the game! I really love the characters! Specially the enemies of the game, they are so adorable I could hug them. xD Overall Score is 10/10!

I hope you don't mind I upload my gameplay in youtube , so that I could share it with my friends.

Thank You! Keep up the good work!


Hello, GixterTrixter! Firstly, thank you very much for playing this demo! I'm so happy to know that you liked it. This makes me want to grab my computer right now to continue developing it, haha. And, of course, I'll finish it!

Good to know that you loved all the cuteness. There's a good new for you: there'll be a lot more of cute things doing cute stuff! Hahahaha. I like to do that kind of thing. Right now, the game continue under development, so stay in touch for upcoming news and cuteness, yay!

And thank you very much for uploading a gameplay video! Hope to finish and deliver a great game for you.

A big virtual hug for you! :B