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Design Hero

Join the best creative agency to fight evil clients in this visual novel based in NY. · By Akinaba


A topic by kempofist12 created Jul 11, 2018 Views: 111 Replies: 2
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Hi, I'm unable to install the game on my itch launcher. I download it, and when I click install, I'm asked to redownload it. Because of this, I'm unable to get the new update that allows me to get through the first photo edit. What do I need to do?

Developer (2 edits)

Hi. We just upload the game, wait one hour and try again. Tonight at 10pm we are updating the : 

  • Language issues.
  • Godsbling photo scene
  • Some of the avatar customization issues.
  • Character dialogues about the sex of the character.

We will fix the sound and music issue, and other elements this week for the update of Fridays and Saturday. We will keep everyone informed to get the best version for the final release the next month. (This version has also Portuguese localization, we are going to upload, Japanese, Chinese and Korean for future versions).

Thank you. However, the issue is that I cannot install the game through the itch client. I can download it to my computer and such, but that means I can't get the updates. When I try to use the itch client, it gets downloaded, then when I click install, it has me redownload it again, it does not install. How do I fix that?