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Orc Colony

Take command of your first colony as an orc prince. Dig, Build and expand your colony deeper underground. · By Luzon Game Dev

A few bugs and weird things I stumbled on

A topic by Lars Dahl created Jul 11, 2018 Views: 220 Replies: 2
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(1) When sending orcs to raid: The counters for weaponsmiths and armorsmiths are swapped. (Confusing display bug.)

(2) The map for raiding: Show 10 renown as being the potential result, however 5 renown are the best possible, and 3 renown is for normal succes. (Misleading display bug. I think "3" should be the number at the map, instead of "10".)

(3) When placing elevators they insist that the tiles on both sides are empty (not really a bug, but) thus a room (at one of those tiles) have to be torn down while placing the elevator and then rebuild at the same spot.

(4) When placing a mine over two different ores, like silver and copper, the mine become copper (Not really a bug, just confusing... Perhaps adjust the map generator so it do not place different ores so close to each other?)

(5) Events display: The trader, Kings request and orcs raiding. They can create popup messages simultaneous, so the message boxes partially covers each other, closing one of them make the other disappear too (Not always, but quite often.). Make trading difficult/impossible (severe bug.).

(6) Trying to sort out that by saving the game, seems to corrupt the save, at least all attempts to load it again causes the game to freeze for a while and then terminate with a Godot Engine Editor ceased to function error message. (Showstopper bug!)

(7) Pause the game, send out raiders (while paused) and then the game continue as if it was not paused (despite still displayed as being paused) until a message box appears, then it is properly paused again.

(8) Save-Load-Disaster: Data is lost when saving and loading (Ultra severe bug!) When loaded all orcs and goblins have to go from the entrance to their rooms. Seems all data about them are lost, stuff goblins did carry at the save moment are lost.

(9) When sending orcs to raid: More food are needed if sending orcs with <Ctrl> than one by one. (Weird bug)

(10) Days only have 23 hours, unless the trader arrives or the king requests something, then there are 24 hours. (Not really a bug, just weird.)

(11) The trader arrives the 29th of each month, causing February to always have 29 days. (Not really a bug, just weird.)


Thanks for the list ; )

A lot of this I'm working on now, especially the popup and the raid feature. Raids are probably going to be replaced by something different and popups will have clickable icons appearing instead of windows.

I would also like to add one where upgrading the smelter past a certain point will turn it into other things whilst still producing copper ingots. I have seen it turn into an iron mine and a functioning lvl 3 Dining room.