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Orc Colony

Take command of your first colony as an orc prince. Dig, Build and expand your colony deeper underground. · By Luzon Game Dev


A topic by SlantedJ created Jul 11, 2018 Views: 174 Replies: 1
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The silver mines seem to be producing copper so I have no idea where to get iron except by trading
Upgrading an improved copper smelter(lvl 3 i think) gives a display of "cannot upgrade storage room"
When an orc leaves there is just no way of them returning so maybe you should change how you "hire" them maybe so when they leave you can rehire them?
You can't destroy elevators, which is kinda bad considering they occupy 3 spaces when built even though they actually only occupy 1 space
Also, I think you should add a room for war orcs rather than having workers have to go to war?
Those are just my opinions, other than that great game, keep it up


I think it would be cool to have the mines running out of those rocks because then the player would have to constantly keep finding new resources, might be a bit too much for some people but when it doesn't run out you'll reach a point where you don't need to do anything, would also be cool if there are researchable buildings so not everything is unlocked since the start

also, so there are iron ores so then what does the silver ore give? maybe add a description text below "Silver Ore" like "Iron Ore" "mine here for iron ores"

oh and your description says "Windows only for now" when there's linux and mac versions xD


Thanks for the feedback and the bug reports. Will keep the war orcs and limited ores per resource. 

oh and your description says "Windows only for now" when there's linux and mac versions xD

Thanks, removed that bit of text in the game page. The Linux and Mac versions became available when guys in the Godot Reddit asked for it ; )