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King under the Mountain Prototype

The prototype of King under the Mountain - a simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

Game Suggestions

A topic by NTJedi created Jul 11, 2018 Views: 111 Replies: 1
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Wonderful start with this game...  looking forward to later versions.  Here are some game suggestions:

1.  If possible try to make the characters and monsters look more realistic and less like cartoons.

2.  Create a gameplay PDF guide covering the basics on how to get started for new gamers and other basics such as describing how gravel, dirt and grass and stone floor have different effects.

3.  Add game settings for adjusting sound, danger levels, visitors, frequency of events, etc., etc., .

4.  Add a variety of hidden items and monsters inside the mountains. 


Hi, thanks for the post! Always nice to hear of suggestions

#3 and #4 are definitely in the pipeline for the future, #2 I'm not sure about, I think I'd rather have an in-game tutorial.

#1 Probably won't happen, the art style is what it is and it'd be far too costly to completely change now. That said, it'll be open to mods in the not too distant future if someone wants to replace the default graphics :)