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Join the best creative agency to fight evil clients in this visual novel based in NY. · By Akinaba

Some bugs in early access

A topic by Cloro Queen created Jul 10, 2018 Views: 136 Replies: 2
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Hi! english is not my first lenguage but i will try because i really like this game.

I played the PC version in my laptop.

I can`t get pass the Godsbling photo when i tried to click the errors but didn`t do anything, i don`t know if i didn`t click all the errors but i can`t pass that part.


Hi, today we fix that bug and upload a new version. 

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Hey it's me again. So i played the game in spanish and in chapter 1 when you talk to ruby about the type of font the text change to english when she tells you about breaking the rules, also in chapter 2 when i make the design with Ronnie and complete it my screen just froze in that scene.

Also when you play in english the chraracter edit menu change to spanish, The same thing happens when you select a chapter