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Trader (lack of) logic

A topic by Lars Dahl created Jul 09, 2018 Views: 214 Replies: 4
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Once in a while a trader come by.

However the pricing of goods is weird.

How come is it that ore sometimes is higher priced than ingots? - Sorry smelters, but your work create negative value!

Same goes for rocks and stone.

And for pigs, meat and food.

(However this  do not apply from ingot to armor or weapon, as they represent a fork in the production chain, so one of the two (but not both) can be less valuable than ingots.)


Another weirdness:

Prices for copper armor/weapon can be less than that of iron and/or mithril.


Prices vary a lot from trader to trader, one may sell rocks for 1 gold, the next may buy them for 4 gold...

As it is, then it seems market speculation is a great source of extra income!

It's not that weird (I mean, it's extremely weird but it doesn't fail as a model of actual markets because of it) to have a product sold for less than the materials you'd require to produce it yourself. Cheese is a good real life example, even good cheese is often cheaper than the milk you'd need to produce it.  Of course that's totally explicable since milk spoils much faster than cheese, but all that is is an explanation for the state of the supply and demand curve.  You could explain expensive ore and cheap ingots by supposing that market actors are much more likely to smelt their ore before sending it to market, leading to an oversupply of ingots and an shortage of ore, respective to the demand for each.  Of course, then you're left wondering why anyone would buy ore to smelt when they could just buy finished ingots for less, but market actors aren't ideally rational nor do they always have perfect information.


I made the prices somewhat randomized. for example the code for pigs/meat/food:

price_pigs = int(rand_range(3, 10)) randomized from 3-10 
price_meat = int(rand_range(5, 15)) randomized from 5-15
price_food = int(rand_range(7, 20)) randomized from 7-20

didn't like having a set price for any goods when the trader comes, if raw materials cost than finished product i think that's fine.

maybe it should be like
price_meat = price_pigs + random integer
price_food = price_meat + random integer
to fix the logic?
(I think it should be a simple yet easy fix no?)


great idea, will implement this and test it.