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Sci-fi Action Roguelite. Collect DNA from enemies and mutate yourself to victory! · By monothetic

Newb questions so far

A topic by blackjackGT created Jul 07, 2018 Views: 213 Replies: 3
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A few questions:

-Is there any way to take a screenshot in-game? Does offer any functionality like that?

-I just can't almost never find a way to heal in Beacon and on most runs once I find the first beacon I'm immediately flambe on the next level (or whatever the next area is called). I'm at a loss how one ever progresses in this. A few scattered things early on my runs offer marginal heals but otherwise nothing.

-Since I almost never find any other weapons (once or twice one has shown up on a run, otherwise, I find nothing), is there a way to improve the basic plasma pistol somehow?

-I never seem to find any DNA strands, so after many runs I have no idea about the mutation stuff. What do you have to do/achieve to actually get any DNA to work with? Or is it not working in this early build? The interface could use some tutorials in that regard imho.


Hey blackjack, going through your questions below one by one! 

-There's no built in functionality in the game for taking screenshots and I'm not sure if itch has one. Windows has a screenshot function though if you press Windows Key and Print Screen. It will save to pictures/screenshots.

-Health pickups drop from enemies you kill and from crates. It sounds like you're just having trouble making it past the first few enemy encounters though. To improve your combat I'd suggest practicing using the dodge-roll and melee to maneuver, stun, and finish off enemies. The combat becomes a balance of dodging enemy attacks and replenishing health from killing more enemies. 

-There are passive mods that will improve your pistol/weapons, but if you're having trouble finding new weapons in the first place you should look for stockpiles. The yellow ammunition waypoints on the map (M)  always have a guaranteed weapon spawn, but you'll need to venture out of the intro area to find them usually. 

-DNA can drop off of any enemy in the game. If you haven't been getting very far it's likely you just haven't fought enough enemies to get a piece to drop. In the next patch DNA caches are being added so if one spawns you'll have a chance to get a boost of DNA without needing to get lucky fighting enemies. Once you die you can use any DNA looted and each piece has its own chance to mutate (with about 60 mutations in the game currently and more coming soon). 

Let us know if you have any more issues or questions! 

OK thanks!

So I revisit this now and then. In some ways this reminds me of an indie twin-stick Utopia 9 (dev Whalegun went ouf of business I believe). 

Lots of us players kept complaining the game was simply too stingy with health potions, medkits etc., and it was just too hard to ever find a way to heal damage. You'd end up spending more time trying to find slivers of healing than enjoy the shooting action in the game.

I feel similar in Beacon. I just repeatedly take heavy damage very early on and have no way to get the health back. Or I run into bug attacks that do devastating DoT, and I've got no way to alleviate it.

And I still just even with the overhead map reguarly into areas where there simply seems no way to progress. Or if it is, the game isn't making it obvious/intuitive enough to know what to do to progress. I don't know if's an issue with the procedural generation, or with my brain. :)