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is raft really free on itch.io

A topic by kargobobinson created 11 days ago Views: 811 Replies: 6
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it is making you download it from steam and the steam version is not free think about it itch.io please tell the truth i beg you cos  if any body gets rip offed i will get you sued 


i tell the truth 

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Yes, it's free and no, you're not going to be forced to buy the Steam version. Do make sure any advertisement or script blocker aren't blocking the download and download using actual Download buttons, not the large Steam buttons (those will take you to Raft steam store page).

Do bear in mind that the itch.io version is only a Prototype/Demo and there is over year worth of development between it and Steam version. Itch.io version also won't be ever updated again.

Will you be releasing the full/updated version outside of Steam?  I don't use Steam anymore, but would pay for it through Itch or GoG. 

Thank you!

AnonHelper the download links you posted are not working. Can you update your post with new links?

Umm, it's just screenshot of the download links from the store page. Go to the store page then scroll down until you see the dowload links shown in the screenshot. Do note that they seem to use javascript so ad-blockers/script-blockers may stop them from working. If they do, just disable them temporarily until the download finishes.

i know that it is free i was going to delete this post when i find out that it was free but i dont know how to do that