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Videos - Boss Fights [XP Version] Locked

A topic by AoDLegacy created Jul 05, 2018 Views: 142 Replies: 1
This topic was locked by AoDLegacy Feb 08, 2020

XP Version, Boss Fights are subject to change. New MV version is being made. This section will remain for prosperity. Advanced warning: Storyline spoilers if you choose to watch.

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I didn't have a great place to put these, so I'm going to put them here - over time during the course of my testing phases, I often stream parts of the game, especially boss testing. I'm going to link all of the major story (and maybe later, optional) boss fights in the game that I record, Though some won't be added until I fix certain elements up first.

These are bosses of the old XP version of the game. At a later date I will start uploading bosses in the MV version.

Oh, and obviously...  Spoilers.

Chapter 1 Bosses

Death Boss (Intro)

Caldera (Phase 2)

Spirit King

Cloaked Man

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And now we're getting into Chapter 2 bosses. Ready? Here goes. I'm in the process of recording a lot of this, and the recordings will be staggered in a schedule so that the YT channel has plenty of content.

Levos (Sideboss)

Fenrir (Sideboss)

Ume'crol the Lazy (Sideboss)

Fanlor (Sideboss)

The Archmage (Sideboss)


Bismuth (Final)

Slae (First Battle)

Harpy and Naga Bosses

Ritualists Cayn and Syne

Slae (Second Encounter)

Einar & Slae (Phase 1)

Einar and Slae (Phase 2)

Einar and Slae (Phase 3)

Calypso (Phase 3)


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