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Sound Help Please!

A topic by kewbish created 84 days ago Views: 84 Replies: 3
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Hey there! I'm making a game and want a loop of .wav music in the background. How'd I do that? (editing HTML only no Borksy....) And where exactly do I put it?


In the HTML export file, scroll down to the bottom, where it says:

<body onload='startExportedGame()'>
<!-- GAME CANVAS -->
<canvas id='game'></canvas> </body>

Above the final </body> tag but below <canvas id='game'></canvas>, put this:

<audio src="YOURAUDIOFILENAME.mp3" autoplay loop display="none">

You need to make sure when you upload your zip that the path to your audio file is correct, but otherwise, that's it. 

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Thanks, I had already fixed this, but I'll keep this in mind! I included it in my premium package at !

Doesn't exist.