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Chapter 2.1 - Calypso's Lab Sticky

A topic by AoDLegacy created Jul 02, 2018 Views: 67
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The first Content Expansion for Chapter 2. This will be considered 'post' content for the Chapter, and exists in between the time Chapter 2 ends and Chapter 3 begins. As a general disclaimer, Chapter 3 will not be publicly be available. We're currently starting early brainstorming for exact details, but I have a general plan of attack. Ironing out these details however will be rather difficult, as there is a lot to cover. In general though, here's a quick run down of what you'll get in this update:

  • Calypso's Lab (Brand new Dungeon and corresponding story)
  • Seven Titan Facilities (Mini Dungeons/Dungeons) with unique themes and story elements.
  • A host of brand new monsters
  • An update to the introduction will be added prior to Chapter 2.1, featuring a few tweaks to the storytelling and adding a scene or two to the introduction.
  • More Polish in general
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