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Loving the twin towers,

A topic by chris_camacho created May 25, 2016 Views: 541 Replies: 5
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twin towers level is the best out of both apps!

It's great for just tooling about in acro mode, but I have noticed that in timed trial that from one direction the "stars" are invisible except for the light they cast.... (sometimes if you miss, you might have to do a check point from the other direction...)

I just wish you could take that terrain, and place different trees, gates and other models ( you'd only have to allow them moving on the lanscape with the height set to the ground level at that point)

the ability to spit the "level" out as xml would be fairly trivial - done it in a few apps myself - this would allow community sharing of race tracks....


Thanks, I'm glad to hear that you like it!

Yes, that is a known problem, it's actually a limitation in Unity (that I use for development) that the light flares are blocked by the triggers used for checkpoints. No easy way around that as far as I know unfortunately.

That is a good suggestion, I will consider that for the future.

to me it just looks like its a sprite that isn't being rotated to face the camera? or is the trigger behind the normal direction of travel ?


The trigger is a big invisible square blocks that is used to detect when the quad is passing through a gate.

When a gate light is behind that big square, the flare that it emits is invisible.So, it can only be seen from the "right" direction.

Just pulled a 23second lap on Twin Towers Bloody Great Update!

show us on youtube or it never happened... :-p