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King under the Mountain Prototype

The prototype of King under the Mountain - a simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

How did/do you make this? Is there a game engine i could use?

A topic by HUNTERROTHMAN2 created Jul 01, 2018 Views: 337 Replies: 11
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I like the idea of your game and i want to help but I'm a litteral noobie to programing,

It's also been my dream to create a game like,rimworld or sonic.

But i don't know how, could you show me how you do that?

Please and thank you!


This was written in Java with the LibGDX framework, as I'm fairly experienced in Java. If you're just starting out, I think I'd recommend GameMaker Studio as an engine to look at.

thanks for telling me!

I do have GM.

And i found something called GMate 1.2!

It's really... not my launquage.

There's spanish?

But the basic stuff that i know is there so i can still do it.

I also use it to load engines.


There is also Unity (C#) and Godot (Python) available.  Of Unity, Godot or Game Maker, and starting at square 1, I'd personally go with Unity as it is so commonly used in indie games and there are a lot of good training and tutorials available.


Good advice!

I like 2d games more then 3d games, is unity for 3d or 2d?

And does it come with simple tutorials?

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Unity does both 2d and 3d.  When doing 2d, it is really a 3d game with a static camera (on the 3rd axis), but it works as you'd expect with sprites, etc.  Many, many 2d games have been made with Unity.  The engine may come with tutorials, not sure about that.  I know Unity the company has a whole series of tutorials on their site, and then there is Youtube, plus Udemy where Ben Tristem has a lot of good classes I personally got a lot out of (Unity 2d:, but wait for a sale, they are around $10 then).

I've read that Godot, which also does 2d and 3d, has a separate engine build for 2d, so it may be slightly more efficient at 2d.  A minor complaint of Unity 2d is that the file size is a little larger due to engine overhead that may be unneeded in 2d.

Wich is better for a begginer like me?

Knowing no programming, I would go to Udemy and follow along with Ben's courses (Unity 2d, etc), which starts by teaching foundational programming (using C#) before doing anything Unity specific at all.  You can't go wrong for the $10, and as I recall there are 30-50 hours of lectures.

But i'm not even a teen so, i can't use monney. ._.

In that case, I'd go to and follow along with some of the tutorials there.