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Orc Colony

Take command of your first colony as an orc prince. Dig, Build and expand your colony deeper underground. · By Luzon Game Dev


A topic by JCaze created Jun 30, 2018 Views: 885 Replies: 7
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I'm not sure if i am doing something wrong or anything, but it seems like i'm not able to find any researches anywhere?
Other than that, nice work, it's a very relaxing game and pretty cool concept and artstyle ;)


Yes, I should have a research window somewhere but I want to finish adding a more dynamic combat for raids first before the research options.


Sounds amazing, any plans to add a "trade route" system in? Let's say that the king sends requests as normal, but you can also request items from him? Maybe even add a Trading room where you can send out traders with some of your goods and come back with some gold or even other goods?


Good idea about the trading but in the future builds I want to be able to raid fellow Orc Settlements when the Prince(You) "Break Bad" so to speak.

Sort of why trade when you can RAID!!!

hi i cant faind the research butom  so i am kaind of stuck need to get the iron stuff but dont seams to  be abel to :/ but i love the game it is relly fun :D

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Research is not in the game yet, this is still in development.  However, the way to get iron and mithral is to dig deeper.  Like, way deeper.  The upper layers have silver and copper ore, the middle layers have gold and iron, and the lowest layer, where the earth turns bluish, has mithral and emeralds.  Make sure to build your smelters, armorsmiths, and weaponsmiths in the same layer as the metal type you want them to process, and note for now that the topmost level of a layer (so the first level that has gold/iron and the first level that has mithral/emeralds) smelts and smiths as if it's in the above layer: the dev has said that in the next release the accounting will be corrected so that smelters, mines, and smiths on a single level will always work with the same ore types.

yee i got the materials but they dident smelt it or forge in iron or mithril thats whays i was asking, but i manege to get around it with tonns of coppar to sell and trade for iron and mithril armor and wepond

So far the closest you get to research is the progress through copper -> iron -> mithril

I have not figured out what triggers the progress through the metals.
Maybe it is hard-coded to occur at specific times in the game?

I did try a game where I almost did nothing, except trade with the trader and fullfilling requests from the king.

An almost end of that game screen-shot:

You can maybe see, that strategy can keep up with the usual building up the colony!
As the pricing is at the merchant, then income made at market speculation can keep up with mining for the resources!

I thought it was nescessary to dig down to progress through the copper -> iron -> mithril ladder, but that game did show it happens all by itself.
I did an experiment afterwards, where I just did focus at digging down to the mithril, and I thus managed to have mithril weapons when still at the copper stage.
So it is possible to get ahead of the progress, that is why I think it is hard-coded in some way.