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Shattered Realms: Mortal Tale

A fantasy where choices will change the course of history, and peril chokes the land. · By AoDLegacy

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A topic by AoDLegacy created Jun 27, 2018 Views: 54
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These are issues we know about, check here before making a post to save time/organization.

  • System\RGSS301.dll : A bug that typically rears its head immediately upon starting the game. It's a result of not downloading the Run Time Package (RTP) for RPG Maker XP, either at all or after you've downloaded the game. The game can't tell if you have it if you downloaded the game before the RTP, and not downloading it at all means the game can't use the default graphics of the RPG Maker engine, and thus, it crashes. If you'd like to play the game, download the RTP (here). If you have the RTP but it is messed up because you downloaded it after the game, delete the game and redownload, it should work. Be sure to get the RPG Maker XP RTP and not another engine's, because they will not be compatible and the same issue will result. This bug will be with us until we can finally 100% customize the game, which will take a good long while. Fix: Achieve RTP Independence.
  • RTP Reliance - The dependence on RTP to function is a major hassle that has few relative benefits that we can see, and we're well aware of this. We will be eventually planning a complete reworking of our assets to remove the dependence our game has on this feature of RPG Maker. This will provide a short term relief while we plan the full customization of the game graphics wise. Fix: This will take a long time and we're planning on starting it after all of the main scenario is written.