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Black shadows opening saved works

A topic by yermak created Jun 27, 2018 Views: 129 Replies: 2
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Debian Testing

If i try to load a saved work a black shadow is all i get. Same result loading sample models

I think is related with this other bug

This computer has dual boot so i have tested windows version (Windows 10) and it works. So it looks a linux related problem

I had this Problem two.

I write to Kenny Support and the answert is:

The problem I see with the model file is that somehow your OS chooses to use a comma for separation instead of a dot. Changing the region settings should fix the problem.

I have german region settings, if i change them to english/us, log off/ on, i can save and load the models  without problems.

Yes, I'm sorry for this error to occur but it is indeed because of region settings. The next version of Asset Forge will lock the locale to US English no matter what your own locale is, that way files will save and load correctly.