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Star Shaped Bagel

A turn based shoot-em-up with a ship made of blocks stealing blocks. · By st33d

Biomes / Factions

A topic by st33d created Jun 24, 2018 Views: 227 Replies: 2
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The game now has more content than we need to see in a single sitting. Moving forwards the game be split up into zones and will spawn from a menu designated for said zone. This thread is about what menus could be created from the game as it is. But it will also segue into new features because we can now balance zones instead of balancing the entire game. I'll start:

Junkyard. An asteroid field with some detached crappy 1hp blocks lying around: bulk, gauss, and astro-fac. If the player searches well enough they might find a power cell. Could be on the border of hostile space.

Astroid Belt. Thick with rocks, bugs, and astro-fac ships. Enemies in this area have many drills and basic guns to help them navigate.

Worm Country. Overlaps with Asteroid Belt as many worms feast on its edges. Enemies here have adopted wormer guns, inspired by the hazards around them.

Haven. Surrounded by dense rocks and friendly fighters is a cache of fuel and a friendly space station. It should have some kind of arm that delivers gauss, and another arm that delivers heal. Trading would be cool but will have to wait till more of the game's UI is done.

Slicer Dominion. A new kind of fast moving swarm enemy that can tear through blocks like a drill. The slicers are smarter than fighters and hostile to everything. Trying to navigate their zone is a death sentence. Deep in their space are slicer hubs that are basically slicer-facs.

OP Research. The enemy has an outpost where it is developing an OP block. Enemy encounters in the area will be able to spawn with this block until the player destroys it. Leaving only the player with the advantage.

Comet Field. The player enters an area of space that is eerily empty. Then a hail of comets comes at them. Enemies here are using small ships and mines as well as adding to the chaos with comet blocks. 

Have you thought of adding a system for saving unloaded objects? For example: a player kills an enemy with some good blocks, but the player cant remove their current blocks without a Gauss cloud, so they go to find a Gauss cloud and detach some blocks. At the moment, if the player went back to grab the blocks they left behind, then they wouldn't be there.

Developer (1 edit)

At the moment it's super easy to just rez in anything without bugs (mostly). There's only an active area around the player - everything leaving that area is destroyed and keeps the game running smooth.

Saving stuff gets super tricky when anything moves out of bounds - you have to manage the enemy leaving active space and then being saved without overlapping saved map.

But yeah, you raise a good point because if I go into Junkyard, find a power cell and then march to the station to free up a slot, I'm going to be super sour when I get back and it's gone. I think I will work on the zone recipes first and then see about moving the current system from spawning quick chunks to static zones. 

* This could also mean fun stuff like coming back for blocks and the game could see about spawning an enemy ship that's stolen them.