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Hyperspace Delivery Service

Name your crew, name your ship, manage your supplies, trade, battle, survive, and make your delivery! · By mikepinto81

Posted my thoughts on the game on my blog.

A topic by AkumajoBelmont created Jun 24, 2018 Views: 126 Replies: 5
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I really, really love the direction this game is heading. Totally unique, and I find the overall vibe really chill and pleasant. I'd love to see the mini-games elaborated on - they're super fun, but they're too brief, and could use more variety.

Anyways, I posted my thoughts in the link above, so if you wanna check it out, feel free.

I honestly think that with some more ambitious ideas, this game could go down as one of the all-time greats. I love it so much, and can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Awesome work, devs. Keep it up! :)


Wow thank you for these comments they are exactly what I was hoping for!  I'll def be taking notes on your suggestions!


I'm one person programming this and I pay for the artwork. That means adding more art is expensive for me so I'm trying to figure out how to generate some funds to pay for more art....especially for the FPS section. I was thinking maybe after polishing this alpha more that I'd do a steam early access and see if that can generate some funds to get the art. Would you feel ok having to purchase this in early access on steam and would you (would anyone)?

Thanks for playing!

I'm glad you found the feedback useful!

I would definitely pay for Early Access. 100%. If it means you being able to get the art assets that you need, then Early Access could only be a good thing. What you have done so far is already polished enough for such an endeavour, and I haven't come across any bugs so far, so if you get it to a state you're happy with and go in that direction, I'm totally on board.

I love how HDS is a big love-letter to the experiences I grew up with. To see this expanded and built on is definitely worth paying for :) 


Thank you! I'm super happy that the game seems to be expressing exactly what I intended for you!

I'm working on the revamped asteroid section now. Hopefully I'll have that ready sometime this week and I'll upload a new build with it (and a bunch of other fixes/adjustments).

How much would you feel good about spending on this in Early Access? $5? $10? Less?

It is, it really is!

And what would I pay? I'd pay whatever you ask, to be quite honest, haha. 

However, the internet at large can be fickle (and everything is too expensive for the internet), so I reckon yeah, between $4.99 - $9.99 USD would be the way to go.

I'd just make sure that you make it clear in an Early Access trailer what the money would be going towards. More art assets means more gameplay variety, so I'd try to make a point of that, for sure!


Thank you!