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Hyperspace Delivery Service

Name your crew, name your ship, manage your supplies, trade, battle, survive, and make your delivery! · By mikepinto81

Brief thoughts.

A topic by J Kelly created 92 days ago Views: 58 Replies: 3
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I enjoyed Hyperspace Delivery Service very much - have played extensively for the last couple of days.

Have wishlisted on Steam too.

Hoping the final game has many more varied events and a significantly higher difficulty.


Thanks so much for the feedback!!

Is the difficulty tour referring to in the balance of item costs and use, mini game difficulty, or just general difficulty overall? 

I assume you played on hard mode? Can you let me know how many days left you had to make the delicery by the end?

Last hard mode play through - around 80 days left with no significant damage to ship and one fatality.

No planet-side jobs taken (except for a couple at the beginning of the run to boost initial funds). No pirates or asteroid fields avoided.

I'd say harvesting oxygen to sell on at a profit was my core gameplay loop for that play through - it was the easiest way to prevail.

No obvious bugs found - though the some sounds did have pops and buzzes at the end of the audio asset which kinda added to the charm for me.

Thanks again - really enjoying it.


This is great thank you!!