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wumpus sea courier report

A topic by fotocopiadora created Jun 20, 2018 Views: 291 Replies: 5
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its a flight simulator where you have to photograph the rare sea wumpus

with pseudo 1 bit dithered visuals that change color according to how bad the smell of wumpus is

do not get eaten by wumpus!

i'm currently trying to 3d model an ugly ass wumpus, will probably upload it in case someone else wants to use it

I love the look of this! That screenshot puts me in mind of tinted black-and-white film, and the idea of using color to represent the "smell" is relaly cool. Love that the goal is photography too! 

thanks!!! yeah the idea is that you have to operate an olde timey camera to take some photos without crashing or being eaten, im still working out how the wumpus will behave, but

looking pretty good so far, but feeling like it will be kind of a shame to put a dangerous wumpus in this and spoil all the chill vibes

i might make encountering it a somewhat uncommon occurrence so its more like a rare cryptid

wow youtube kinda destroyed all the nice dithered look but you get the idea

Seeing it in action I can't help but think about all the TV documentaries about the Bermuda Triangle I watched when I was a kid! The cryptid thing is a cool idea. Maybe the Wumpus doesn't need to be all that dangerous? 

pokemon snap 2 wumpus sea courier report is pretty much finished! i'm pretty happy with how it turned out, gonna let it sit for a bit tomorrow and upload it!