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Does module have to be added to the module buttons first?

A topic by tcelvis created Jun 19, 2018 Views: 73 Replies: 1
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I think the buttons as quick access are nice.  But having to add everything to the buttons then added to the station is not.  There are modules that I want to add only one instance.  Having to first make room for it in the buttons, add it to the button, add the module, and repeat for the next module is very tedious.  Is there a way to skip the add to button step that I am missing?


Hello tcelvis,

Apologies for the late reply. At the moment there's no way to skip the 'add to button' step. That being said, all that functionality has gone away now in the version currently in development  since modules must be purchased individually and have a construction time.

We're currently hard at work implementing many new features and hopefully we will start conducting a new closed alpha later this year so that you can try out :)