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Are you able to play Prank Masters on Mac?

A topic by Lockvia Studios created Jun 17, 2018 Views: 687 Replies: 7
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Developer (1 edit)

We had a few questions from other users saying that they can't open Prank Masters on Mac after they unzipped it.

Unfortunately, we don't have a Macbook to test this so we were wondering if there are any Mac users here who was able to play Prank Masters. If you're a Mac user and you are able to play Prank Masters, tell us what you did in order to open Prank Masters.

Feel free to comment or add screenshots/screencaps.

Thank you!

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After opening the extracted folder, instead of opening the game, you have to right click on it and then click on "Show Package Contents". 

Inside will be a folder called "Contents", open it. 

Inside, open the folder titled "MacOS" and inside will be a program (pictured below) titled "Prank Masters". Running that program will open up a Terminal session which will open the game.

I hope that helps! :))

EDIT: I totally forgot about this method! Pandapandapop brought up a really good point, you can download the game on the app and launch it seamlessly using the desktop program. However, if you wanted to download the game file directly to your computer and not through, I'd suggest using the method above. ^^


Thank you so much for your detailed instructions and screenshots! We appreciate it a lot! <3 <3 <3

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I play on Mac and I have never had a problem opening the game or getting it to run. I just have the bugs that other people mentioned with the routes. 

All I did to get the game to run was download it through and click launch. Maybe it is different if you aren't using


Thank you for your input! We'll ask other Mac users to play Prank Masters through the app platform to avoid future issues.

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It might be due to the Mac OS. RenPy games that are created as -all builds/cross-platform don't work on Sierra and above anymore, unless the app is signed on a Mac. It's fine if a separate build is created just for the Mac though.


That is a valid point! We'll upload different files of Prank Masters so that users can choose the appropriate file they want to download. Thank you!


We've now uploaded Prank Masters in different platforms! Thank you everyone for your suggestions!