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RPG Farming Kit

Project template to make farming RPG games. · By Lowscope

Feature Request: Special Plants that need to grow

A topic by RetroPixelGames created Jun 16, 2018 Views: 203 Replies: 4
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Can you please add special plants that you need to seed, grow with water and then harvest for a profit on the previously mentioned market?


Yes this is on the schedule.

Hi. Was this feature already implemented?

Developer (1 edit)

Sorry, this has been delayed a bit. Due to fixes that were required in other areas of the project.
A lot of changes have been made already. I will be aiming to release a big update today that solves a lot of issues.
With inclusion of the crops. Apologies that it took longer.

I will create a new post with all contents of the update once its out

No problem! Thanks a lot. The template kit is great!