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Defending Camelot Demo

A Plants vs Zombies like game demo · By ZekGame


A topic by Ryunigia created Jun 15, 2018 Views: 60 Replies: 1
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Allow me to make the first topic~

Had a lot of fun playing the demo, the prices are a bit high atm but then again i guess that's because i could only play 5 levels x)
Also i really liked the change up in level 4

Not sure where the full game? but guess that's not going to be free :p

When i finished lvl 5 though it allowed me to continue to what would be lvl 6 but it was a fake? lvl where no enemies spawned that was a bit weird.
The game says: "A huge wave coming, Pay your attention."  you probably mean --> A huge wave is coming, pay attention
An annoying thing is when enemies get passed the archer you can't shoot them anymore it would be cool if they would turn around and atleast try shooting? don't know if plant vs zombies fixed this but should be an easy thing to give a try maybe?

Anyway goodwork looking forward to full release!


LOL, awesome, I'm glad it was so well received :D. Thanks for taking the time to let me know, Ryunigia, it feel so good having someone liking our game :D

Yeah the full version is not free we need money to expand the game and make new ones :D We will publish Defending Camelot this month XD

When you finish lv5 it's not a bug in lv6 cos this is a demo we've cleared other levels data :D Later in the game you'll have other units that can attack both sides and many other types of attacking :D