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Using the editor on phone and iPad

A topic by st33d created Jun 09, 2018 Views: 168 Replies: 2
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I know this isn’t a priority, but when I’m ill or travelling it’s been nice to make games in stuff like Twine or other editors that work on mobile.

On iPad I’ve tried to turn on as many experimental settings as possible, but the windows all appear bugged out (the sprite editor window is black, as is the room editor). I suspect it just crashes on initialisation due to some Apple silliness. Does anyone know why? If one of us exported the Bitsy editor via phone-gap or something, could we get it to work?

On my big Android phone, everything seems fine in the Chrome browser. I’m super zoomed in, which makes things hard, but I can still tinker away at stuff (even if I can only see a corner of it).

Again, it’s a big ask getting something to work on phone as well as desktop and I’d rather see Bitsy add features and fix other things instead of supporting something like mobile that constantly changes. But if there’s a quick Borksy style hack one could apply to make your own portable editor, that would be super cool.

With all experimental settings on, it works for me in Safari for iPad (Pro 9.7, fully up to date). The sprite and room editor appear black until I press play, and then I can see the content after that. Sometimes it loads and just doesn’t work but if I refresh it generally starts working.

Colour palettes work super flakily and sometimes take multiple refreshes to show up, but that’s also the case for me on Chrome for OS X desktop, so! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I realise this is very ‘turn it off and on again’ of me but...have you tried refreshing a bunch?

Have also tried it in both Chrome and Dolphin for iOS but can’t get it working in either. 

Things seem to have improved some, but on an iPad Pro, I’m still having a LOT of trouble. The biggest problem is that input seems to be broken. Arrow keys don’t work. WASD would work, but when I press one of the keys, it repeats the input indefinitely.

On top of that, because you have no zoom menu options on mobile, you can’t zoom out, which despite the incredibly high resolution on iPads, you can’t utilize it to see your tools. In fact, you can’t even see the game window in its entirety. It seems like you could test for an iPad and then zoom out?

The third big issue I’ve come across is that I can’t save because the buttons seem JavaScript driven. It’d be helpful to have a link to downloading data so it pops up the default option to save. I haven’t found another way to save yet.

So this still seems unusable on an iPad, which is unfortunate because I’m trying to teach my kids how to make a Bitsy game and the iPad is otherwise a good tool for it.