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Bitsy Game Maker

Make little games, worlds, and stories! · By Adam Le Doux


A topic by Jupiter Lighthouse created Jun 06, 2018 Views: 383 Replies: 2
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I've searched around and can not find anything on the licensing in regards to this tool. Not here, nor on the github.

If I create a game with this tool what am I allowed to do with it?

If say I integrate it into a larger project that is monetized, is that allowed?

What if I were to write my own custom interpreter for the 'game data' that allowed me to embed it into something other than a browser, is that allowed?

Hi Jupiter, you look a bit lonely there… 213 days after posting your question…

Maybe should you ask directly to… 

:) All the best.


for anyone else who wanders by this thread with the same question!!