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Is there a "Sato Ending?"

A topic by 橄榄 created Jun 03, 2018 Views: 446 Replies: 1
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beCAUSE I REALLY LIKE SATO HE IS SO CUTE but i do not know how to trick him into liking me??? 


Hi there! Sorry about the delayed reply. I've been really busy juggling work, a new Soulsoft EA VN and also collabing on a game for YaoiJam 2018.

There is definitely a way for Sato to like you. But first you must avoid all the other guys throwing their advances at you and ending up on their Marlain, That's the main thing. Then, after Jaja discovers Sato has feelings for you must pick to meet with Jaja NOT Sato. Sato will be so impressed that you put his brother first (like he would) that he decides to give you a chance. Goodluck!