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Timer glitching when I try to import splits/save splits

A topic by YellowSkarmory created Jun 02, 2018 Views: 134 Replies: 3
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It won't save splits the one time I tried, and importing them from offsets some time, making the timer have splits that aren't correct. Also not quite sure how to export splits.


It appears that the format of the downloaded file from is incorrect.  I have emailed them about this issue.

For now you can fix this by adding a second column for the best run (just add a tab and type "best run" in the header row).  The first column is used to store the best individual splits.  You can also tell me what file you are downloading and I can fix it manually.

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hey dunn, i was wondering if you could help me start the timer, couldn't find a hotkey for that in the list

Isn't it the space key?  I don't have a mac, so I can't run that version, but it should have the same default key.  Also make sure that you have opened a split file first.