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Gun.Smoke WIP

A topic by JJXB created Jun 01, 2018 Views: 149 Replies: 4
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3dn Link


the 3D slant itself works a treat and because the sprites are mostly together there's not much issue with split-tiles. however, i'll probably wait until some sort of texture import/export is done for this one because getting the buildings in full 3D would be a hell of a task with the existing texture editor.

Edit: added Savestate on geod request

Omg, i liked this game very much but didn't have a chance to seriously play it as a kid. Could you post the save states so i could play with it please ?

And you can adjust the top and bottom clipping value (7.9 or 8 in this case) so that the screen could scroll smoothly.

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i've not gone very far into the game myself as far as playing so you'd be best off just starting from the beginning if you want to try it out but i'll add the state to first post anyway. and what's the syntax for clipping? Clipping=8, Clipping.y=8 ? once i have that down i will be able to note it down in my big text file of reference material (including scripts). if you want to see said txt at some point to find out what i found useful to note down for myself, you can ask on here or discord (since you have me added on there) :)

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Ah got it.

About Clipping, you could do scripting but it's much simpler to use UI: Render Tab -> Border.

ah. makes sense then. i'll keep that duly noted