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Welcome to Clean Energy Creatures

A topic by CleanEnergyFun created Sep 16, 2022 Views: 40 Replies: 1
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Building a community around a game sounds hard, but I suppose you have to start somewhere, and I've heard has the most understanding and helpful indie game lovers around. Hopefully I can meet a few folks who are interested in helping provide feedback on the early prototype. 

  • Made tons of improvements to the game after getting feedback on Redit. 
  • Baddies are badder-er.
  • Backgrounds are prettier. 
  • Added start of a visual effect for the install panels, a ray of sunlight that comes down from the sky.

Also decided to sign up for a Steam page so that I can begin the arduous task of collecting wish lists!

And for folks who happen to be in Madison, WI I'll be hosting a playtest event at NerdHaven Arcade on Cottage Grove Rd! October 8th, 2pm-6pm we'll be setup to run through the game with folks!