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game crashes and is stuck in fullscreen

A topic by SacredDiamond created May 31, 2018 Views: 101 Replies: 6
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Could you give us some more information about how or where this crash occurs so we can help or patch the issue?

i put the game to full screen then it started to crash. it still occurs when i launch it again afterwards


Okay, will test this out Monday to see if we can replicate the issue on our end.


I'm sorry for rescheduling, but I will need to take a look at this tomorrow. I'll be back.

Developer (2 edits)

I tested this issue on three different PCs: using Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen and it didn't crash on any of the computers. When you use Alt+Enter to toggle fullscreen the program does read it as a button press so it will try to interact with whatever you were doing at the time.

To solve this issue I would back up your save files and redownload the zip file. After reinstalling the game: copy in your saves and you should be able to continue enjoying the game. If the issue still isn't resolved you can e-mail me a copy of your save and I can see if it's an issue with the save file itself. My e-mail is

before i didnt matter whether i reinstalled it or not.
i somehow got it out of fullscreen mode. thanks!