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Bulk Keys and Pre-Order, How do they work?

A topic by Wini3D created May 08, 2016 Views: 229 Replies: 1
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I would like to ask how Bulk Keys work with Pre-Order Place holder. I know the keys are download links so will they be handed out at the same time they purchased the pre-order? Do the buyers know or get notified on when the actual download file will be ready?

Appreciate any info on this matter, thanks.


Hey, sorry for the super late response, but: buyers do get notified on "new files" for items that they've bought. So, pre-orders work the same way - if they try to download while the placeholders are there they'll be told to wait for the game to be ready, and once the actual files are uploaded/published, they'll get an e-mail saying "there's new uploads for a game you own".

Additionally, you can send a custom e-mail to all your buyers from the Edit game -> Interact -> Email tab.