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Any people to play with?

A topic by Walk_Cat created May 26, 2018 Views: 1,559 Replies: 19
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I've recently purchased the game Raft but can't find anyone who plays it so I can play with them. 

Are there any discord servers dedicated to Raft?

Or are there any people who would like to play with me?

Add me on steam MartyL75 I also have discord

I can today and tomorrow! My Discord is Aurora #9676

hello, I'm interested to play with can add me on steam --> profilename is 'nicant' or 'nicant27' i'm not sure about that :'D

Hey. I see you guys need someone to play raft with. I have no friends so I am totally down. I just got the game a couple days ago and it is kinda boring playing alone

add me AchtEck_

here is my steam link

i can play my discord is   catness294#1740    and my steam is lizziegirl294

Hi im interested in playing raft with you today, i have been looking for someone for a while. My steam username is 'edjft1937'

Hi! I hope I'm not late, but I wanna play! I have discord and I need to change my complicated name ^w^ SoulDreemz#0271

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Are you still up for it? XD Im looking too. Dont worry, if your late, im am even more. Anyway, my discord is iiCalypso. I need to know your gamer tag to message you? Please message back XD

(My tag is #0195)

add me im novidjaff on steam

My Steam Name ist AchtEck_ just add me

add me to play :D Discord: Neosceptic#1001 Steam: Neosceptic

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Holo! I would love to play with you! ^w^ I just sent you request on steam. Im lollipup2007.


I would like to play! My discord is iiCalypso.

Anyone wanna play? Im free pretty much everyday, and i have discord. My tag is #0195 and my name is iiCalypso. Message me you wanna play! ^u^

 Im looking too.  Anyway, my discord is iiCalypso, and my steam is lollipup2007. 

(My tag for discord is #0195)

yes hi i just got it and want to find someone to play with i have discord abd my steam id is A Happy Accident

I just got the game as well and would love to find some people to play it with. My steam name is Sawman36 and I have discord, Sawman36#3716