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How do I...

A topic by Minty created May 26, 2018 Views: 1,101 Replies: 12
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I have a game where I want a character to give you something if you have something else.

Example: You have a cookie. Other character wants it for ball. You give them cookie, you get ball.

You will be able to do this with variables.
In your  dialogue you could have a conditional node on the sprite that want's to trade the ball for the cookie and have 3 conditions that would look something like this: (b for ball - c for cookie. Makes sense right? Though you can use any letters you want)


Now in order to get the cookie in the first place you would need pick up a cookie. So in the dialogue for the cookie you should add {c=c+1} to the end of it so the player actually has a cookie to trade. 

Here's a copy of the game I made for this explanations. Feel free to have a dig.
Here's an in depth tutorial on bitsy variables

Hope this helps! 

Is this up to date?

How do I pick up a key that unlocks a door?

Try variables or since you can't VISUALLY see your inventory make the door give you an item but don't show dialog that you did or use a variable to change where an exit goes. I'm not saying it will work but it mght.

Using variables is not the problem. what is the command to deleted the locked door?

Did you figure this out Scotty? I am trying to do something similar.

Not yet sadly...

One of my students emailed me this:  "You can also use the exit from dialogue hack, and have conditional dialogue on the door which will exit the player to the next room if they have met certain conditions (found the key, have enough coins to pay for entry, have spoken to the right NPC etc). (See the ‘Tools and resources’ section for more information about hacks)."

But, still trying to sort it out

Yea I can't wrap my head around that hack. I need a step by step guide.. BUT I did figure a kind of work around that I posted after I asked you.  It's here - It isn't pretty.  But it kind of works..

How do I download my game and upload it properly? I always have trouble because whenever I try to publish,it ends up saying that "I haven't inserted a file" and that I "need to learn more about HTML Files".Am I doing something wrong?Would I have to go back into the documents first or something?

How do i use rainbow fonts and stuff

If you open the dialog tool and edit text by there it appears but basically it uses some prefixes, for example "{rbw}Rainbow{rbw}"