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The Shed

A topic by WolfBearHybrid created Aug 28, 2022 Views: 1,335 Replies: 3
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as I am revisiting hinterlands again, i'm still wondering, after "the Shed" event, hat the hell P means when he says "I hid my own trail of wings aroud the area" I just cant make sense of that particular sentence... i believe he is talking about a trail of dead buterfly wings, like the Tapir God did when He ran, but.... i still dont know what P means by hid around the area. 


My only guess is that he might mean he left some of his feathers around, in order to keep an eye on the area, in order to prevent more kids from reaching a similar end?


You see, P's tail feathers work as spare eyes. He can set them up elsewhere as a security camera of sorts, this is why P's family have a tradition of working in the police force. Another neat thing, is that it seems they can pass down memories too, the flashback you see when you get in the shed is actually a memory from his grandpa's feather that was left there.

oh, everything makes sence now