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Pixel Art Time Lapse Channel

A topic by ansimuz created May 04, 2016 Views: 601 Replies: 4
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My Name Is Luis Zuno aka Ansimuz. I'm a Pixel Artist & Game Designer. I have set up a youtube channel where i'll let you see over my shoulder while i work on pixel art. Hope you find it inspiring and useful.

Check it out at:

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Outstanding work Luis ! Highly inspiring. Thank you for sharing it, I got to learn stuff for my work as well.

Hello! I've been slowly working my way through your backlog of time lapses. I don't remember how I found them, but they're very interesting. You have a very different way of working than I do, and though sometimes it drives me crazy, I've also learned a lot, especially about how to work faster on larger pieces.

Have you heard of Pyxel Edit? Your method to repeat tiles works surprisingly well, but each time I see you use copy and paste to get tiles to repeat I think to myself, "I need to tell him about this, it would make this so much faster".

Anyway, thanks for posting the streams. They've been fun and interesting and useful.

Thanks for the tip Sharm, I have used Pixel Edit in the Past but im too attached to photoshop that i always keep comming back. Cheers :)

Yeah, I get it. Sometimes a workflow that you are comfortable with and works is more important than effecient tools.