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Can you bear the weight of your destiny? · By Kieran Sheldon

I may need a nightlight after this.

A topic by Areous created May 16, 2018 Views: 176 Replies: 2
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I first off have to say I love the aesthetic.  I understand the whole game is about restoring the light, but the color scheme doesn't take away any focus from the game itself.  I was actually quite surprised about the story.  The humor was good, and your guardian angel knew how to keep you in your place.  It defiantly got a lot harder on the last level vs previous so the scaling seems a bit odd.  I shall be trying on my own to get the other endings so I will save the world!!


Thank you for playing! I'd love to hear if you find any of the other endings.

Developer (1 edit)

I know there's a video of at least one other ending out there on the interwebs somewhere...