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The Come Up

Lofi hip hop meets Hyper Light Drifter in 3D · By Rob Nally (Brotherly)

How do I download the game?

A topic by uunnnnnnnn created May 15, 2018 Views: 387 Replies: 5
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i don't see any downloads



If you sign up for the mailing list at the bottom of this page here I'll just email you a download key when I push out the next update which should be in the next week or two.

I'll be opening the game for anyone to download again as well, but it's just in fixed quantities (like 25 or 50) and I don't know if those will go quickly or not.  I put a limit on the number of downloads available because I wanted to sell the game at some point, but I'd still like people to be able to play it and test it out in the meantime.  Signing up for the mailing list should get you a key that will last throughout all the updates.



I uploaded a newer version of the game and emailed it out to people on the mailing list.  If you signed up you should have an email from itch with a download link for the game.

this game looks really cool! I have a HTC vive and I signed up for the mailing list as well.  may I get a download key?


@Shadow86009  Hey, thanks! and yeah.  I checked the mailing list to get your email to email it to you and it looks like a couple other people signed up too so I'll just send out another group of emails later today I think.

I think it might not work with the HTC Vive though, unfortunately.  I just have a Rift now and so I haven't tested or setup support for the Vive, but I'd like to get to that at some point.

I have an htc vive. but I have Revive downloaded. going to try anyway. if it doesn't work (which it probably wont lol) i'll let you know. if you ever do support it, you could aways send me the htc vive build and I can leave feedback for that