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Bug reports Sticky

A topic by Benjamin Soulé created May 02, 2016 Views: 2,763 Replies: 109
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Grilled meat quest doesn't work. I kill a minotaur, grill the meat with Inferno, eat it : no achievement.

The trial version does not work since I unlocked the Thief in the full version. I wanted to compare the versions, especially to check if the trial version shows the exact number of gold you need to level up.

When there are multiple characters and one of them levels up, the amount of gold he has is not correctly shown until it's his turn again.

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Other quest bugs :

'No element on the bottom lane' : completed after failing. I think it was meant to use Evil Roots, but it automatically completed after I lost a game.
'Having a hero equipped with Armor, Helmet and Shield' : completed just after checking it in the new quests, while my only character was a Knight with Armor, Ice Rod and Shield (no Helmet).
'4 consecutive hits with Boomerang' : I did 4 hits in a row with the same character, but dropped the Boomerang after the 4th hit. Quest was not completed. On another try,  hit 4 times and recovered the Boomerang : quest completed.
'Kill Archeos' : does not complete either (tried twice) !!

- 'Having a hero equipped with Torch, Map and Compass' : completed when I freed the Knight with the Assassin !

- 'Having at least 6 Meat on the screen' has a Key icon.

The tally counting for "Kill X [monster type]" quests sometimes resets for no reason.

Also, Scroungers never steal Meat (I'm not complaining about that one :)

Viewing posts 61 to 62 of 62 · Previous page · First page