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Why we haven't shipped a real build in a while

A topic by RajasNag created 9 days ago Views: 6
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Will and I have more important things to do than to be continually updating this game, such as walking up to girls at goth events telling them about keyboard kommander. After this experience, I crashed at Will’s dad’s place, who didn't want me staying because he thought I wouldn't leave. Once Will woke up, he immediately walked over to my spot on the floor to inform me of an important dream he had. T’was a dream which took place in the Rick and Morty Universe. I was Morty. He was Rick. “Of course you’d make me Morty. Humph!” I’d later type out on a devlog. We were in a room full of Rajases/Rajasi and Wills. All the other Rajas’ in the room were smarter than me/competent. The other Will Rajas pairs were telling my Will about how they finished their keyboard kommanders and mac builds. My Will would reply that we still had a lot of work to do, which is made more difficult by the defective nature of his Rajas. Unfortunately, the Rajas he was paired with was somehow more incompetent than real life Rajas. This the only part of his dream that the keyboard kommander himself comprehensively remembers, but apparently the entirety of his dream took place in this Rick n’ Morty type universe. Upon telling me this, my master then instructed me to write a dev log with more shallow bits of personality injection, so i got up from my assigned floor spot to comply with my master. My master gave me his laptop to type it out. To the left of the laptop’s touchpad lies a super mario all stars and a Super Metroid sticker. To the right lies a Super Nintendo Entertainment system and another Super Metroid box art sticker. Will just said to me, “Remember you can’t say anything that would stop me from getting a job.”
But you know what Will, I have had it. My floor spot isn’t as cozy as it once used to be, so I’m just gonna come out and say it. Will has never played any of these SNES games. He also pronounces Mario like ‘Mehrio” instead of “Mahrio.” Noboddddy hire himmm. I’m at your place Father of Will, hiding in the corner.