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River City Ransom

A topic by JJXB created May 12, 2018 Views: 123
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3dn File

massive mess right now because all i've really worked on is the scripts. i have things moving on the Z axis but i have these troubles:

1. Determining jumps without memory addresses (so i can apply it to multiple objects at a time without laborious tagging and duplication of scripts to adjust memory addresses). I could do it by animation shapes but even then, it wouldn't work entirely correctly afaik

2. Adjusting multiple sprite shape offsets without duplicating scripts or massive branching complications even on the player character alone. as is, things move on the X and Z axis in the 3dn file but the individual elements of the sprites do not join, instead they go one after the other (check the file and see what i mean). the main reason for this is because i have a static high and low variables set because i see no way of getting the highest and lowest possible numbers for an individual sprite shape and adjusting accordingly, meaning every sprite shape is at the same level even though the top, middle and bottom of the player character shapes have different y coordinates and different highs and lows for it to be even and join up right.