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great start

A topic by captainexpo created May 12, 2018 Views: 178 Replies: 5
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im looking foward to the adventure parts when there ready

will be following!


Thanks! Hope you will enjoy the upcoming early access version as well :)

Thank you , thank you, You don't know how long Iv'e been looking for a game like this.

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also Iv'e been wondering if you can make so you can do a secondary attack for example: When you right click the sword guy spins, the archers shoots 3 arrows etc. just a thought thanks again for the cool game. And can you also make NPCs + villages, Quests, more enemies and just more stuff, if I'm being to demanding or annoying please let me know, I'm just really happy to have found this game. 


Thanks for your suggestions and great that you enjoy what we already have!
Our first big update after Early Access Start will be the ability & skill system. And your other suggestions are also on our road map! Villages are already implemented (can be found in the upcoming EA-version), Quest-System will come later this year and "just more stuff" will be added with each patch. (For example a desert biome is currently in works)
Don't worry about making too many suggestions, there can never be too many suggestions! :D

Will the extended version be free?